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Clip Station System



Advantages for your workshop include;

1. Full cost recovery system on clips & fasteners, giving you an individual invoice for every job.

2. Automatic restocking of anything used – freight free!

3. Huge time saver – staff can quickly and easily find exactly what they need.


One Central Location for all your Clips and Fasteners

  • Sorted by clip type using colour coded drawers
  • Each type is arranged by size - from the smallest to the largest

No more searching for the correct option - find exactly what you need instantly!

Turn a cost into an Income

Optional cost recovery system generates a seperate invoice for every job!

  • Use the Carclips app to scan the barcode and record exactly what is used on each vehicle (this can also be done via the Carclips website)

  • Receive an invoice immediately via email, allowing cost recovery from customers or insurance providers

  • Weekly automatic replenishment means you never run out!

Five Different Size Options Available

All Clip Stations come fully stocked

Never waste time searching for automotive clips & fasteners again!

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